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North Coast Flight School - Instructors


Gregory S. Hayes
Pres./ Owner

As the owner/operator of North Coast Flight School inc. I feel it is my objective to train individuals in all aspects of avaition in order to make them the safest and knowledgable pilots in the area.  I hope to meet and personally work with each of our students.

Bio:  1998 Founding member of FSANA (Flight School Assn. of North america.

        Currently Chairman of FSANA

        Currently Board Chair of the "Aero Camp" program within FSANA.

Lester Zook

Chief Pilot


Lester has loved airplanes as long as he can remember and is still mystified by the fact that a small plane can fly over at 1000 ft. agl and some people don't even look up! "It's a thing of beauty and they ignore it!"

In 2001 Lester finally pursued his dream and learned to fly. In 2005 he earned his CFI certificate and has accumulated most of his 3,600 hours teaching others to fly.  He also holds CFII and MEI and does tail wheel training.  

Lester's working hours are divided between flying airplanes and running Sunnyside Building Solutions, a small construction company.  The rest of his time is usually spent with his family or church activities.

Aviation dreams?  "I still hope to get a sea plane rating. And, someday... I want a Pitts to do some sky writing and banner towing."

Fred Morrison

SEL CFI, Helicopter CFII

(850) 776-9287

Fred Morrison is a retired Navy helicopter pilot who graduated from Commodore Perry High School in Hadley, PA.  While in the Navy, he earned his BS in Physics at the Naval Academy and completed Naval Flight School to receive his "wings of gold" in 1998.  He has flown a variety of missions including helicopter flight instruction, shipboard operations, logistics, external cargo, and Search and Rescue in both the maritime environment and the inland mountainous terrain of the Pacific Northwest.  Currently, he is flying as a commercial pilot while working on airplane CFI rating.  His interests include flying, motorcycle riding, hunting, and tinkering with his old car.

Travis Jensen

Flight Instructor


Travis grew up in Meadville, PA, and always had an interest in flying. Following High School, Travis attended the university of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa to pursue his aviation dream. While at the University of Dubuque, Travis decided he was also interested in becoming a Marine. He commissioned as a Second Lieutenant of Marines following college and is a reserve Air Support Control Officer.

Travis, eager to return to his home state of Pennsylvania, begain instructing at North Coast Flight School in August of 2016.  Travis loves to introduce the joy of flying into his students' lives. Not only does he enjoy teaching VFR flying, but he really loves getting in the IFR "soup".

Travis hopes to fly for the airlines one day, and he hopes to inspire other aviators to continue their pursuit of aviation knowledge.

William Colwell


Bill was born in Port Allegany, PA and he began his aviation career earning his private pilot license at cherry springs airport (potter co.) in his early 20's.

He went on to attend a flight college in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for his commercial ratings and finished his instrument and multiengine ratings at a flight school in Long Island, NY.  Training in the North East for the Instrument Rating allowed for more actual weather experience.

With a diverse career spanning over 7,000 flight hours and extensive travel.  Bill now focuses on his main passion, that of teaching others the knowledge and skills required to become a safe, responsible, efficient pilot whether they seek to fly on the private pilot level or as a career commercial pilot.

His personal interests lie in family, friends, and outdoor activities.  He grew up in the countryside hills of Pennsylvania where he learned hunting, fishing, camping, and enjoyed hiking the mountains and trains.  When he is not in the classroom, he returns to those passions.

Bill's idea of a relaxing evening, if not spent around a campfire cookout, is "grabbing an airplane" and flying the still quiet air of a sunset summer evening.