North Coast Flight School

Do you dream of becoming a pilot?

Learn to Fly

Our professional staff of FAA certified flight instructors can show you how to become part of a growing number of people in our area who can now call themselves pilots. We try to show you right from the beginning just how great it is to be able to take control of an aircraft and feel the freedom that only flying can provide.

Talented Instructors

All of our CFI's (Certified Flight Instructors) have not only their CFI but also their CFII (Instrument Instructor). As you can imagine we stress safety, experience and a safety while enjoying the thrill of flying.

Available to Everyone

We offer many different programs for all walks of life or work schedule. We try to make the opportunity of learning how to fly available to everyone. This is where some of our programs have been developed, we teach students from 12 to 80 years old, so you see we understand your life and will work with you to make this opportunity available!

What else we provide?

Airplane Rides

Scenic Rides over the Peninsula, one to three people can take a flight for up to an hour.

Airplane Rentals

rent time in the airplanes in 1 hour sessions or get a discount in 10 hour blocks.

About us

North Coast Flight School has been in existence for the last 16 years. We are the Northwest Pennsylvania’s only Part 141 flight training school.  Located on beautiful Lake Erie at Erie International Airport Tom Ridge Field. We are also a FAA CATS testing facility, allowing us to be self-sufficient.  We also have an “in-house” DPE, Examiner for all course completion needs.We have a working partnership with Republic Airlines and an increasing number of other air carries.  

North Coast Flight School has also been on the cutting edge of young childhood educational development, being the developer of the national program Aero Academy.  Our Aero Academy has won the award for educational excellence from the Aviation Counsel of PA.