PennWest University AAS 141 Program

In conjunction with PennWest University, North Coast Flight School is proud to offer the AAS in Aeronautical Science program! North Coast is the flight and ground training center for your Private, Instrument, and Commercial ratings under Part 141, as well as your Complex Endorsement.  General Education and Aviation specific college courses are provided at PennWest University.  Completion of this program will grant you the ratings necessary to seek employment in many aviation fields, including Charter operations, Banner Towing, Skydiving operations, or Flight instructing.   Scholarships are available through the Erie Regional Airport Authority for prospective students.  For more information, visit PennWest University’s web page:

Course Outline:

Private Pilot:

Private Pilot is the base upon which all further ratings expand. A Private Pilot Certifcate allows you to fly recreationally, as Pilot in Command of an aircraft.  This rating requires 35 hours of flight instruction under Part 141.

Instrument Rating:

Instrument Rating is the intermediate step between your Private Pilot and Commercial license. An Instrument Rating allows you to operate an aircraft in the clouds! This is an important rating for any pilot, and a prerequisite for Commercial flying. An Instrument Rating requires an additional 35 hours under Part 141.

Commercial Pilot:

Commercial Pilot is the final course at NCFS. The Commercial Pilot Certificate allows you to operate an aircraft for compensation or hire. This certificate allows you to be paid to fly! From this point, graduates could pursue a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) and ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), to either instruct or fly for the airlines! A Commercial Rating requires a total of 190 hours under Part 141.